Marriage and Couples Counseling

Marriage CounselingDreamline Counseling offers marriage and couples counseling that can provide a safe place where both spouses are able to work through their relationship challenges. Couples counseling can assist couples to make the right decision about getting married, contemplating divorce or beginning or blending a family. It can also help couples with financial, career, child, in-laws, blended family and sexual issues.

Dreamline Counseling can help you to nurture and cherish a healthy marriage relationship and/or provide help with a relationship that is in trouble.

Our goal is to provide a nurturing, emotionally safe space in which a couple can improve listening and communication skills, learn to make major decisions together, and sort out misunderstandings. Through this process, true intimacy, a loving connection, and trust is regained.

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About Digna Montanez

Digna Montanez is a Clinical Social Worker with experience working with individuals, couples, children, and families dealing with life changes. Digna strives to assist clients in achieving their goals with empathy and compassion while maintaining a safe and supportive collaboration.