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Individual Counseling and TherapyAs we travel through life, we will find times when we become overwhelmed with our situations which may require a professional to guide us through and provide us with practical and empowering solutions when we need it the most.  Counseling and therapy can lead to better communication with others, more awareness of self, and a sense of feeling more stable. Dreamline Counseling can help you to feel stronger and empower you to see personal challenges in a new light so you can enjoy life more.

Talking through challenges, ideas, and feelings with a counselor who has the training and expertise to understand the challenges you are facing, can help you to create a plan to make changes in your life. value.  Engaging in the therapeutic process often helps to decrease anxiety, lift depression, increase relationship satisfaction, and improve your overall sense of well-being

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About Digna Montanez

Digna Montanez is a Clinical Social Worker with experience working with individuals, couples, children, and families dealing with life changes. Digna strives to assist clients in achieving their goals with empathy and compassion while maintaining a safe and supportive collaboration.