Family Counseling

Family CounselingFamily therapy can be extremely helpful and beneficial when conflict and disagreements between family members arise due to life changes, loss of a member, parenting challenges, communication issues or behavior problems.

Dreamline family therapy considers the family as a system and understands that a change in any one family member affects the entire family.  Interventions and solutions are aim to understand each family member’s thoughts, feelings and behavior as it relates to the family unit. At Dreamline Counseling we work with all types of families, and helps family members to identify and address the challenging problems that keep them from experiencing the strong, loving bond each family member desires and deserves.

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About Digna Montanez

Digna Montanez is a Clinical Social Worker with experience working with individuals, couples, children, and families dealing with life changes. Digna strives to assist clients in achieving their goals with empathy and compassion while maintaining a safe and supportive collaboration.