Counseling for Kids

Counseling for Young ChildrenParents often face challenging times when a child is highly emotional, withdrawn, or exhibiting challenging behaviors at home or at school, such as ADHD.

Dreamline Counseling and Therapy could be the help and support for parents.  During child counseling, a counselor is able to engage in play-based therapy, which helps the children explore, grow, and find solutions utilizing their own creative process. At the same time, encouraging them to work through their struggles, while working together to form solutions and new skills. Dreamline Counseling can also help pre-teens and young adolescents find new ways of interacting and coping.

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About Digna Montanez

Digna Montanez is a Clinical Social Worker with experience working with individuals, couples, children, and families dealing with life changes. Digna strives to assist clients in achieving their goals with empathy and compassion while maintaining a safe and supportive collaboration.